Peniche surf rental

The Surf House Peniche provides surf rental of various surf equipment for all surfing levels. No need to travel with your own surf gear or buying a new one. Rent the ideal surfboard according to your taste, abilities and ocean conditions. Choose from the following Peniche surf hire options.

Soft SurfBoard rental Peniche

Renting soft boards is recommended for the beginners. They are easier easier to paddle on and catch waves as well as safer whenever you would crash. However at the beginning consider to take a surf school lesson with instructor or join the Peniche surfcamp. For renting you can choose a soft board sizes from 7’0 to 9’0.
Surf rental Peniche Portugal

Epoxy fun board rental Peniche

The epoxy boards are available to rent in sizes 6’6 to 8’0.

Short board rental Peniche

The short boards rental for experienced surfers in various sizes and shapes for your surfing in Portugal. Rent a fiber glass or an epoxy surfboard.

Longboard rental Peniche

There are high performance longboards available to rent for classy surfing days. Make your travelling easy and hire your longboard in Peniche.

SUP Peniche

Stand Up Paddle Surf for rent in Peniche.

Wetsuits Peniche

Surf House Peniche provides Roxy and Quiksilver wetsuits in all sizes.

Prices of Peniche surf rental


Soft board

Epoxy board Wetsuit Softboard +wetsuit Epoxy

High performance board

1/2 day

12,- 14,- 8,- 15,- 17,- 30,-
1 day 18,- 20,- 10,- 22,- 25,- 40,-
7 days 95,- 110,- 65,- 120,- 135,-


Contact us for surf rentals in Peniche and make a reservation of your surfboard for your surfing.